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Increases energy ~ Antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory activities ~

Strong antioxidant properties ~ Potent immune enhancer

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History - Message from the Founder


As a child growing up in Thailand, Aswin Wattanapramote, the founder and CEO of Prolac (Thailand) Co., Ltd. would watch his great-grandfather mix and use indigenous herbs to cure a range of diseases.


“As a young boy, my great-grandfather would send me to collect local herbs and fungi, either from the local forest and fields or the local drug store. My great-grandfather treated the ailments of many families in our local area, and I had the opportunity to witness their lives getting a little bit better day by day.


Many years later, as an adult, I would come back to the healing practices of my great-grandfather and ask the following questions:


1) How can we apply cutting-edge technology to better understand the healing practices of our ancestors?


2) How can we help people in need?


For me, this was the starting point. My team began to experiment with herbs native to Asia, such as Houttuynia CordataThunb, Belamcanda chinensis, and Lingzhi which have been known for a millennia as natural healing agents. Over time, we refined our fermentation and extraction process.


We also worked with a team of scientists and doctors who helped us understand how our formula was working, and how it might help people.


The next step was sharing our herbal supplement with people from all walks of life, especially those with incurable diseases, such as HIV, cancer, and diabetes, and those who were simply looking for better overall health and vitality. We found that people who started to use Dokudami were getting positive results and started telling their friends and family.


We now are nine years strong as a company and possess a network of 120,000 distributors only in Thailand. We have slowly started to gain recognition from the four corners of the globe.


Today a new baby is born by the name of DOKUDAMIHEALING which will offer people from of all walks of life the opportunity to buy Dokudami on line.


Our vision at Prolac is to see as many people as possible experience true health and well-being. For us, a healthy person is one small step toward creating a healthy planet and a healthy life for everyone.”


To your health,


Mr. Aswin Wattanapramote

Founder & CEO

Prolac (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

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History - Message from the Founder
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