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Increases energy ~ Antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory activities ~

Strong antioxidant properties ~ Potent immune enhancer

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Our product is 100% organic from nature itself. Grown on specially designed farms located in Thailand which we own and control as well with the use of green labour, who are well looked after, cared for and well paid and with the use of organic fertilisers made by us.

Our staff are keen workers who all look forward to developing a wonderful tonic to assist your health. We do not use heavy machinery in the planting and cultivation of the Dokudami plants, and our factory is maintained to laboratory standards.


Our aim is to produce a product of good agricultural practice (GAP), good manufacturing practice (GMP) and ISO 9001/2008 to meet the world food standard and to be able to export Dokudami worldwide without any complications.


We do not use chemicals in any of our processes and we maintain strict environmental control procedures.


Our factory located in Lamphun, northern Thailand, 20 km from Chiang Mai, is well equipped with digital instruments under the GMP target operation with a capacity of 45,000 bottles per day.

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